Favorite Course in Lincoln

There are many golf courses throughout Lincoln and its surrounding areas that are very nice and extremely fun to play. When I am choosing a course to go out and play I like to analyze a few things before I choose. How much am I willing to pay? How much of a challenge do I want that day? What kind of course layout do I want to play? And how nice of a course do I want to play on that specific day? There are options to fulfill one of these options, or all of these options when golfing in Lincoln.

But when I just want to go have a fun time, I go and play my favorite courses. For me, golf is not just a game I want to constantly improve at, but I also want to have a lot of fun while i’m out playing. My favorite courses have a equal combination of difficulty, good course conditions, a good course layout, and most of all, good views. Two courses in particular that I think have all of these attributes are Crooked Creek Golf course, and Wilderness Ridge Championship Course. I would like to know what your favorite courses are around Lincoln? 


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