The Tour Championship is here!

This week on the PGA tour, the Tour Championship will be held at the iconic Eastlake Country Club in Atlanta, Georgia. The top 30 players in the Fedex Cup Points Standings will be battling it out for the two titles this week. The winner of the tournament will be crowned the Tour champion of the year. And whoever comdownload35434es out on top this week will also be crowned the Fedex Cup champion of the year. In most cases, the winner of either of these titles has had a very successful season. Although, sometimes a player doesn’t have a very good season, but has a very good Fedex Cup playoff run. One example of the second case is Paul Casey. He didn’t have a single win all season, but ended up finishing runner up in two consecutive tournaments during the playoffs. Brining him to the 5th place spot in the standings.

Being in the top 5 of the points standings is the place all players want to be when they are coming to Eastlake. This is because if you finish in the top 5 of the point standings, if you win the tour championship, you automatically win the Fedex Cup. For all other players, winning the tour championship is their only chance to maybe take the Fedex Cup also. This season the top 5 are Dustin Johnson, Patrick Reed, Adam Scott, Jason Day, and Paul Casey. What I want to know is who you think will win the Fedex cup? I have put a poll below asking who you think will win, feel free to tell me!


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