Ager Golf Course

Jim Ager Memorial Golf course is a short par 3 course located in the dead center of Lincoln. The course was created in the mid 1960’s. It’s layout is perfect for the young and old, beginner and avid golfer. The course showcases par 3’s ranging from 75 yards to 180 yards. Also has minimal bunkers, and wide open fairways allowing any golfer of any skill level to have a great time playing nine holes. The course also has a creek running by holes 1,2,5,6,8, and 9, so make sure you avoid hitting in to that at all costs.

The Jim Ager Memorial Golf Course isn’t the best conditioned course. The course is a little bit patchy in some areas and the greens are definitely slow, bumpy, and flat. But for players just looking to have fun and have a good experience. This is the course for you. Also, due to its total yardage being only 1,228 yards, it is perfect for a quick round of golf, or for a younger player who can’t hit the ball as far. Just to note, this course boasts it’s award winning junior golf program according to Golf Digest.

I have played this short course a number of times. So many times that I can’t even count. This course was were I first started golfing. This course helped shape my game into what it s today. I know for a fact that this course will help golfers of all skill levels sharpen their game in some way. The course really does hide its difficulty so don’t underestimate it. But I really recommend playing this course when considering picking a course to play in Lincoln. It is extremely cheap to play here and it will be totally worth it.

Ager Golf CourseĀ 

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