In the game of golf, if you are looking to improve your game, having clubs fit for your game is crucial. The entire world of golf stresses the fact that for the best results from the clubs you buy, they need to be custom fit to your game. One location in Lincoln specifically that provides the customer with excellent service and many custom fitting options is Austad’s. Austad’s is a golf store located on the intersection of 48th and O street. This company has been in the golf business for over 50 years. And is by far the best location anywhere near Lincoln, in my opinion, that sells golf equipment. midtow45n

I have had many experiences at Austad’s and they are my first choice when buying golf equipment. Their service is always friendly, and they have helped me make a lot of decisions regarding equipment, to improve my game. And I know that they will definitely help improve your game. If interested in looking for some new equipment, visit their store, or visit the website at

Image Courtesy: Lincoln Austad’s