Basic Facts

Golf is a sport created as early as the 15th century in Scotland. The game consists of a player advancing or hitting a ball with a club with the goal of getting the ball into a hole.  The place of play is called a course, and consists of either 9, or 18 holes. Scoring in this game is determined by the number of strokes taken on each hole. There are also terms for certain scoring. Every hole has a certain “par”, or the amount of strokes each hole should take to get the ball into the hole. A bogey is one stroke over par, double bogey is two strokes, triple bogey is 3 and so on. One stroke under par is called a birdie. And two strokes under par is an Eagle. Under par is very good. There are also ways to get more than an eagle on a hole. A double eagle is only attainable on par 5’s, it is 3 under par or two strokes to get in the hole. This is a very rare feat, and only few PGA tour players have had this result in tournament play. The last rare type of scoring is the hole in one, a well known part of golf. A hole in one can be attained on par 3’s or even some short par 4’s. But you could count on your hands how many PGA tour players have done that in tournaments.

There are a few types of clubs that are important to know about when playing golf. This is the putter, wedges and irons, woods, and the driver. The putter is the club you will use every time your ball is on the green.putter-picture This is the club you will wedgeset54use to “putt” or hit your ball into the hole. This club is the least lofted club in the bag. When thinking about loft, a loft of 0 degrees would mean the face of the club or the hitting area would be at a perfect 90 degree angle with the ground. The next type of clubs are the wedges and irons. These are the clubs you will use when hitting your approach shot to the green, hitting short shots around the greens, and even teeing off on certain holes. These clubs range from lofts of 64 degrees to even 18 degrees. Wedges range from about 64 degrees to around 46 pings55-2degrees. Irons range from around 42 degrees to the lowest lofted iron available, the 1 iron at around 16 degrees. Not a lot of players use a 1 iron, as they require an extremely high swing speed to get the ball in the air.


The next two types of clubs are woods, and drivers. Woods range from around 21 degrees to about 13 degrees. Woods are perfect clubs for using out of any lie, or spot on the course. You can hit woods from fairways (the short grass) or the rough (the thick grass outside the fairway). Using woods off thsldr-fw-hybrid-11e tee can be an advantage also because they are a lot easier to control than a driver. The biggest reason for that is because they provide you with more loft, and they are shorter in length. Generally the rule of thumb is the shorter the club length, the easier it is to control and the shorter the shot distance will be. The last club is the big stick, the driver. Modern day drivers range from 13 degrees to around 7 degrees. Some players such as long drive competitors like to use drivers with lofts more comparable to putter lofts. Lofts like 3-5 df01-test-sldr-okegrees. Drivers are most commonly used to hit shots from the tee, because teeing the ball up helps a player get the ball in the air. Though some players with high swing speeds, can hit the driver “off the deck” or off the ground. This can be useful when playing very long par 5’s when wanting to hit the green in 2. This is a strategy PGA tour players use sometimes when playing the long courses they play. This strategy can give them the best chance to lower their score.







Golf facts