Hidden Valley Golf Course

Hidden Valley is a gem located in the far southeast side of Lincoln. A course originally created as a nine hole course in 1962 and soon became a full 18 hole course in 1972. Over the next 40 years many changes and improvements have been made to make the course the great looking course it is today. Hidden valley is a course carved out of many rolling hills and trees and definitely provides a fun round for anyone able to play at this wonderful course. Although this course has gone through massive hail damage in the recent year it has bounced back wonderfully and is a great course to play golf at.

This course is a relatively short course but the hills, thick rough, and trees cause this course to be a bit of a challenge in some areas. The greens are also smaller compared to most courses in Lincoln and they are usually a bit slow with little undulation. Also there are almost no bunkers at this course and when you get into the bunkers they don’t pose much of a problem. One bunker that I would like to warn you about is a bunker located on the right side of the fairway of 17. I have been in this bunker before in a tournament situation and it causes a lot of stress when you are trying to post a good score. The approach shot to this green is already a bit difficult, and adding a bunker to that equation can always be tough.hidden-valley-golf-coulkhjfbjvrse-scenery

Some other tips I have for when playing Hidden Valley Golf Course is try and keep your ball within the short grass. The greenskeepers keep the rough here relatively thick and long so a tee shot in the rough can definitely cause a lost ball. Also be careful when chipping around some of the greens at this course. The greens are very slow and most often are very sticky. What I mean by that is the greens will hold spin very well, and if there is any spin on your ball when you hit chip shots the greens will receive it well. Also if you hit the ball relatively high, go for pins. The greens at this course are almost always soft and if your shot is high enough, it will stop wherever it landed. Hit for pins at this course, it won’t punish you and it will decrease your score.

Other than those few tips I think that this is a simple course that can provide a great time for anyone wanting to play at this course. Enjoy Hidden Valley Golf Course!

Hidden Valley

Image Courtesy: Lincoln.org