Hillcrest Country Club

Hillcrest Country Club is a country club located in southeast Lincoln and is completely private. You can only play this course if you are a member here, or if you have granted access by a member and you are their guest. This course is a gem sort of hidden from the rest of Lincoln, and is definitely a treat to play. I have played this course just twice and every time I play I always enjoy myself. This course is very difficult from the back tees as it plays around 7000 yards. And with a combination of tight fairways, many bunkers, massive amounts of trees, and slick greens this course can offer anyone a challenge. Even a scratch player can definitely struggle here. I am around a 2 handicap and I find myself in trouble at this course often.

This course was created in the early 1900s and has held many prestigious events. Even Arnold Palmer and Gary Player came to this course to play against each other. There is also a nearly 600 yard par 5, and many long par 4s. Because of the many trees, hazards, and the sheer layout of this course it provides an immense challenge. Every shot at this course has to be thought out and hit to an exact spot. Placement is key here, without it, you could end up in a whole lot of trouble. Also this course definitely requires a straight ball flight off the tee. Without this, you could most definitely end up in the forest that lines every single hole. Though, if you can hit the ball high enough, you can clear the trees and your ball can end up on an adjacent fairway as there are many holes that are parallel to each other. That is a trait of old fashioned parkland golf courses. 37734325325

Now, I have only played this course twice so I am no where near an expert. But I am very good at remembering courses to a T. I remember courses better than anyone I know, down to the little details. I always try and analyze a course enough that I can always remember every part of it. The biggest reason for this is because knowing a course is always important when playing a tournament at a certain course. I always want to know the course before I play it and when I play courses around me, I remember them very well.

My first tip for this course is to hit your ball very straight like I said before. The trees will eat your ball up, it will get lost, you will be hitting recovery shots from in the trees. Also, every shot you hit to a green needs to be fairly high. When I have played there, the greens have been very firm and the ball takes a big initial bounce if your shot isn’t high enough. Also be cautious of every putt you hit. The greens here are fast, and a short putt can turn into a even longer next putt if you miss by too much. If you take these tips into consideration I know that if you have a chance to play this course you will have a lot of fun and maybe score better. If you are interested in a membership to this club visit Hillcrest’s website. 

Image Courtesy: Golf Advisor