Himark is a 27-hole golf course located in southeast Lincoln and is very fun to play. The course has a white, blue, and red course and they are all 9 holes. Soon, the black course will be open, and I’ve heard that this course will be the nicest and most difficult of all of them. This course is challenging, but not so challenging that it cannot provide with a fun round. The greens aren’t very fast and there are not many undulations within the greens. Also the fairways are generously wide, and there are minimal fairway bunkers. There is a lot of water hazards at this course though, and can provide difficulties for players who cannot hit the ball generally straight. Image result for himark golf course

I haven’t played this course very many times but when I have played this course I enjoy it every time. And my scores at this course are most often some of the lower scores I’ll shoot when playing in Lincoln. If I were to compare this course to another course in Lincoln I would compare it to a combination of Wilderness Ridge Championship, and Mahoney. There are a lot of trees and water hazards at this course. But there isn’t a whole lot of bunkers, the fairways are wide, and the greens are generally slower than most of the better quality courses in Lincoln.

Although I haven’t played this course many times, I still have some tips for this course that can provide you with a more enjoyable round of golf. The greens here are usually soft, so go for pins if you are looking to shoot a low score. Also, don’t be afraid to give your tee shots a little extra juice. If you end up missing a fairway, your ball will still end up in a decent lie because the rough here isn’t long or thick. Missing the fairway isn’t the end of the world. Also hit your putts a little harder than you probably think you should. The greens here are smooth, but they are slow. They are kind of deceiving. You would think they are faster than they are but they are generally slow. If you are interested in visiting this course check out Himark’s website. 

Image Courtesy: Visit Nebraska