History of American Golf

Golf was a very popular sport throughout Europe during the 1400s, and 1500s. Though as early as 1657 records show that Golf was emerging within the US. And in 1744 documentation proves that the first shipment of golf equipment from Scotland was sent to the United States. And the first ever golf course created in America if Savannah Golf Club. This club claims to have been established in 1794. Though a golf course in South Carolina according to the USGA was established in 1786. Though most of the courses created back in that time were not full courses, and didn’t even come close to the quality of the courses you could find west in Europe.

Later on these couqwgasfgrses were replaced with 9-hole courses with much better designs and in much better shape then the courses before them. And as soon as 19th century came around, 18 hole layouts began to sprout. Soon some of the most iconic courses would be built. As the game grew, the increasing allure of competition grew and soon the PGA would be created. In 1916 the first ever PGA tournament was held. The PGA Championship. Which is now one of the four majors held during the year. The PGA Tour would soon be introduced for professionals to play in tournaments held for an entire season. American Golf would soon evolve into the game we all know and love today.

History of American Golf 

PGA of America

Image courtesy: PGA of America