Holmes Golf Course

Holmes Golf course is a wonderful 18 hole course located just north of 70th and pioneers. If you have trouble finding the course, just drive north on 70th after the intersection at pioneers and take the first turn once you see the course from the road. The course was built around the time that Ager was built. The early 1960’s. The layout is not too difficult when comparing to most courses in Lincoln. From the back tees this course plays a par 72,  6,791 yards, so this course is long enough for most amateur events.

holmes-golf-course-scenery3545435The layout of this course is very forgiving. There is a decent amount of trees, but not so many to inhibit play and to require a straight ball to keep you in play. Also the course contains only greenside bunkers, no fairway bunkers. Also the greens are rarely quick and the breaks on the greens aren’t very difficult. So this course is a great fit for golfers of all skill levels who want to give themselves a challenge on a longer course. Though it is only 6,791 yards from the back tees the numerous hills that plague every hole on this course add some distance.

This course is very near to my house, and it used to be my “home course.” So I know my way around this course very well as I’ve played it probably over 100 times. I have a few tips for playing this course which could increase your chances for scoring a better score when playing Holmes Golf course. My first tip is if you are confidant in hitting your driver, swing away. There is not a whole lot of trouble around this course and missing the fairway doesn’t punish you much. I played in a tournament during the summer there and I hit less than 5 fairways on the day. And though I didn’t hit fairways, I still shot a +1, 73 and won the tournament.

Another tip I have for anyone playing Holmes golf course is go for pins, don’t play your approach shots safe. The greens at Holmes more often than not are soft and will receive approach shots well. Also just enjoy the course, it isn’t the nicest course in town, but it will provide you with a very fun day of golf. Trust me!

Holmes Golf Course

Holmes Scorecard


Image Courtesy: Lincoln.org