Mahoney Golf Course

Mahoney Golf course is another Lincoln City course and in my opinion is the least challenging of all the courses that are available to play if you are playing one of the city owned courses. It was built 40 years ago in 1976. Though it isn’t the oldest course built in Lincoln. And the layout of the course provides a fun round of golf for all skill levels. With a small amount of hills and bunkers, and its extremely short length, this course is conquerable by great players, and manageable for any player. This course from the back tees is only 6,459 yards. Most courses back tees are hundreds of yards lomahoney-signature8zsfgnger than Mahoney. Though, the par at this course is 70.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of this course partially because it is so short and not extremely challenging. When I play there I don’t feel as if the course helps improve my game at all. The greens are slow, the fairways are wide and the trees there don’t pose much of a problem. Also there is only out of bounds around the perimeter of the course, and a small area out of bounds left of the fairway of 1. And there are only few hazards. There are two ponds right next to each other that can eat up a crazy shot, and there are also a couple areas of long grass that can cause a lost ball. But other than that, a tee ball into the rough isn’t going to punish you, and there are numerous holes where hitting your tee shot into another fairway is ok.

Though I haven’t played this course many times, and it’s not on my list of favorite courses, I still have some tips that can help any golfer who wants to play this course. My first tip is make sure to hit your putts with more force than you think you need. The greens are mega slow here! For some reason the greenskeepers keep them slow and sorta bumpy. I think putting is hard at this course for someone who is used to putting on smooth greens. Also if you are confidant in hitting your tee ball consistent, swing away. Again, missing the fairway here isn’t going to kill your score. And the occasional spray into another hole doesn’t eliminate the opportunity to hit the green in regulation.

Other than the few things I added that might have been a little negative towards the course and its conditions I think this course can be a lot of fun. It isn’t very hard and though it isn’t in the best condition, it is still a golf course. All players of any skill level will enjoy this course when playing here in Lincoln.

Mahoney Golf Course 

Image courtesy: Lincoln City Golf