Pioneers Golf Course

Pioneers Golf Course is a par 71, 18 hole course located near the West city limits of Lincoln Nebraska. From the back tees, this course plays very similar to Mahoney. 6,478 yards. This course is very important to Lincoln because it was the first ever golf course built in Lincoln, Nebraska, being built in 1930. Originally Pioneers was 27 holes but it was then made into just 18 holes. This course provides excellent views of the city and the surrounding land around the city limits. For people who cherish the state of Nebraska and what it is, this course provides a beautiful look at the nature Nebraska holds.

The course is a simple layout, with minimal hills like Holmes and Mahoney, two other public courses in Lincoln. It also has very similar greens to those two courses, though they are much smoother here. Just a rule of thumb, if you haven’t caught on yet, the greens at all the public courses in Lincoln are VERY SLOW. This course also doesn’t have any bunkers. The designers of the course created pioneers with no bunkers but only bunker shaped grass pots surrounding the greens. This can cause a lot of problems if you miss the green at this course. Horrible lies are kind of standard here. Missing the green can give you a downhill lie, uphill lie and every sidehill lie you can ever imagine. But hitting the green will usually provide you with a birdie or a par as the greens have very subtle breaks and the pin positions are never extremely difficult.

100_00592424Also at pioneers the fairways are usually in very good condition and finding your tee ball in a divot is rare here. Also the roughs are not very thick here but it can get long at certain times of the year. This course is in very good condition through the spring, summer, and early fall. But every course in Nebraska dries up in the winter.

This course is definitely one of my favorites as it was one of the courses I really learned how to play golf on. The course always provides a fun round, and it has a special place in my heart. This course was the site of my first tournament round under par. I was playing in a NJGT (Nebraska Junior Golfers Tour) event at Pioneers and shot a -1, 70. I ended up tying for first with a golfer who plays on my High school team Grant Johnson. Though the day was amazing and I played the round of my life, it was a little heartbreaking. I was -2 coming into the last hole, and I split the fairway with my drive. I hit the green in two, your standard green in regulation. But me and Grant both 3 putt the green to shoot 70 instead of 69. It was an amazing round, but any golfer looking to improve their game will always be critical of their game, even on the best rounds.

I have played this course many times and I think that I have it down pretty well. One thing I recommend to do when playing this course is to hit as many fairways as you can if your main goal is to score. Make sure you are hitting greens and fairways. Boring golf will definitely benefit you at this course. Also be careful when you are chipping off the grass moguls around the greens. The hills and many lies you can get will cause your ball to come off differently than if you were chipping off a flat surface. Other than those tips, just have fun at this course and enjoy what Nebraska nature has to offer!

Pioneers Golf Course 

Image Courtesy: Pioneers Golf Course