Types of Courses

There are three main types of golf courses that you are most likely to find when playing throughout Nebraska. The most common types you will find when playing in Nebraska are Parkland, and Heathland. Though there are a few examples of Links courses in Nebraska, but trees in Nebraska are very common, and we also are not on any coast.

A links type course is a course most likely on a coast, though it is also classified because of other traits. Your common links course has rolling hills, and almost no trees, most often, none at all. Due to their location and limited amount of trees, these courses are usually associated with high amounts of wind. These courses most often feature pot bunkers. Bunkers that are deep and have very high faces, and are most often small bunkers. These type of courses usually require a lot of low hit shots to properly score. Some examples of links courses in Nebraska are Wildhorse Golf Club, and the Sandhills Golf course. wildhors5454e

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A very common type of golf course you can find in Nebraska is the Parkland type of course. This type of course is a type of course associated with narrow fairways, and lots of trees. Also parkland courses showcase the natural features of the landscape. There are a lot of courses throughout Lincoln alone that are Parkland. One example is Wilderness Ridge. The course’s fairways are lined with trees and the fairways are definitely green and narrow. The bunkers are wide and there is water surrounding a majority of the holes. Another course in Lincoln that is a very stereotypical parkland course is Holmes Golf course. Again, it features trees throughout the course, and it definitely showcases the natural features. There are many hills throughout Lincoln, and definitely southeast Lincoln. This course is very hilly and the hills provide a different type of challenge for any player. wilderness-ridge-kg

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The last type of course you can find in Nebraska is a Heathland Course. A heathland course in simple terms is like a crossbreed of a links and parkland course. The layout is still very open but heathland courses have the long grass and “unkept” vegetation like a links course, and also some wooded areas. A very popular heathland course you can find in Lincoln is Highland’s Golf course. This course is wide open and does have some trees. Also this course has no pot bunkers so I would not consider this course a links course. But it is as close to a heathland course you can get while playing in Lincoln. 55158be418850ljkshfgalkjahsdfgjklhfsd-image

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Types of Golf Courses