Woodland Hills Golf Course

Woodland Hills is a course located outside of the Lincoln City Limits, but it is within about 20 minutes and is public so I wanted to include it within my website. This course is a very fun course and is the top rated course in the Lincoln area. This course is located a few minutes from Palmyra and is officially located in Eagle. Not only is this course very fun to play and a challenge of your golf game. But it is a scenic getaway. This course shouldn’t be in Nebraska, it is that pretty of a course. You wouldn’t think that a course like this would be so near Lincoln but it is and that is what makes it so much more special. Whenever I get a chance to play this course I always enjoy it. And I have played this course a lot. For fun rounds, and many tournament rounds. Woodland Hills is the course where I had my first ever tournament win. Out of a field of 22 golfers 16 and older, I won by two strokes shooting a +2, 73. This win jumpstarted my summer season and my excellent finishing throughout the rest of the summer.

This course has more trees than any other course anywhere near Lincoln. Every hole on this course except for a few has thick trees that either are a hazard, out of bounds or are so thick that when your ball enters…its not coming out. Also there are many water hazards around this course, and many bunkers that pose a problem for players. The greens here are very smooth, and are quicker than your average public course, but no where near as quick as the private courses in town. One thing that makes this course unique is it requires a cornucopia of shots. This course requires high shots, low shots, draws, fades, layups, forced carries. This course causes the player to think through every shot, and if you don’t, you will lose a ball and drop strokes no doubt. But if you play smart, and avoid the trees, this course can be a breeze and can definitely allow low scores.


A few tips I have for this course are pretty self explanatory if you read the paragraphs before. Think through all your shots! You have to be able to hit different types of shots to score at this course. Also you need to be able to hit a straight ball or you will enter the trees and getting out will be a struggle. If you can’t control your ball flight here, you will not score. Also you can go for pins at this course. The greens are soft and will receive your shots well. If you are confident in your game, you can play agressive here and not suffer. But my last tip, the most important tip is enjoy the course as much as you can. Just take in the scenery. If anything focus on how beautiful the course is, not how difficult it is. I hope that you enjoy playing at Woodland Hills Golf Course in Eagle.

Image Courtesy: Woodland Hills Golf Course