Yankee Hill Country Club

Yankee Hill Country Club is a Country Club located in south Lincoln and is completely private now. It was semi-private but they changed their policy so they are now completely private. I have only had the privilege of playing this course once but I can definitely say a lot about this course. This course is a parkland style golf course with many bunkers and many water hazards that can cause this course to be extremely tough. There is also long grass around the course that can make it hard for you to find a errant tee shot. The greens here are very smooth and in very good condition. The pin placements are usually challenging and provide each player with a  difficult approach to the green. When I went to Yankee Hill to play a round I found the course to be very fun and very challenging. I played a very good round that day, but I could definitely see myself making simple mistakes at that course and shooting a high round.


When playing this course make sure that you steer clear of the many bunkers at this course. The layout makes each and every shot difficult and shots out of bunkers are even harder. Rule of thumb here, just stay out of the bunkers because they always cause trouble. Another tip is to hit tee balls fairly straight. The wind in Nebraska can cause this course to be a little tough and with all the water, trees, bunkers, and long grass, a sprayed tee shot can cause a lost ball. Because this course is so hard to get onto, if you have a chance to play it for leisure don’t worry about your score. Just play it for fun and make sure you enjoy the course because chances are it will be your only time playing it. If you are playing in a tournament, make sure you follow these tips because they will help you score much better. If you are a member here, you know about the course enough that my tips probably won’t make much of a difference foryou. Make sure you have lots of fun playing this course because it is definitely a staple of Lincoln golf. If you are interested in becoming a member at this course visit their website.

Image Courtesy: Yankee Hill